10 Best Photography WordPress Themes 2014

Over the past several years, photography has become an ever increasingly popular profession and hobby. In this article I would like to share the best WordPress photography themes as of today.

Hope you enjoy this post and find something useful to show-case the best of your work.

Snapshot WordPress Theme

Snapshot WordPress Theme

Snapshot is a theme built for showing off your photography. You can dive in and start adding your photos right away and it’ll look great. Snapshot also includes our powerful drag and drop page builder, so you can use it to create a complete business or company site.
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Core Minimalist Photography Portfolio

Core Minimalist Photography Portfolio

Core is the Minimalist Photography, Portfolio, Personal website Template built with latest WordPress features. Custom Post Type and Image Uploader etc.
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Creative Portfolio Theme Responsive

Creative Portfolio Theme Responsive

Creative Portfolio Responsive WordPress Theme is great theme for any creative agency, with clean design and minimal layout. Creative theme has minimalist style and mobile friendly design.
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Hatch – photography and portfolio WordPress theme

Hatch - photography and portfolio WordPress theme

Hatch is a simple photography and portfolio WordPress theme. Optimized for mobile browsing – the responsive layout will automatically detect if the visitor is viewing your site on a desktop screen or a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) and will adjust accordingly.
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Faith – Photography WordPress Theme

Faith - Photography WordPress Theme

Faith is spectacular portfolio WordPress theme specially designed for photographers. Fullscreen design, music background, slideshow portfolio supporting video, parallax effect, all are combined in an attractive and flexible way to keep visitors on your website.
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Snaps – Photography WordPress Theme

Snaps - Photography WordPress Theme

Snaps is a free portfolio theme for WordPress perfect for showcasing portrait images and galleries.
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Photex Portfolio WordPress Theme

Photex Portfolio WordPress Theme

Every professional photographer wants to present his portfolio in the best possible way. Photex is a premium WordPress theme that have all required features one photographer needs.
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Rangefinder: A Bold Grid-Based Theme for Creatives

Rangefinder: A Bold Grid-Based Theme for Creatives

Rangefinder is a slick portfolio theme designed with photographers and designers in mind. The grid-based home page launches users directly into your portfolio, and the mobile-inspired menu frames your work beautifully without sacrificing function.
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Photographer Free WordPress Theme

Photographer Free WordPress Theme

Photographer Free WordPress Theme is design for amateur and professional photographers to show and display their photography.
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Lensa – Photography WordPress Theme

Lensa - Photography WordPress Theme

Lensa is a full-screen slideshow WordPress theme for photography junkies. It’s all you need to start your beautiful online photo gallery. Lensa is a full-screen WordPress gallery theme designed for those of you who are addicted to high-resolution photography.
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NewsCore – A Blog, Magazine and News Theme for WordPress

Everything you need to build your Magazine, News or Blog Website

NewsCore - A Blog, Magazine and News Theme for WordPress

NewsCore is powerful multipurpose WordPress theme for content heavy websites such newspaper, news, magazine, publishing, community and review sites. NewsCore includes exclusive features such a beautiful blog/article layout with well placed ad spaces that will make your visitors want more. It includes a video manager, that pulls content from various sources such as Youtube and Vimeo, a review system, a layout builder for creating unique homepage layouts and various layouts for post categories.

NewsCore supports plugins such as WooCommerce, bbPress, BuddyPress and many more. Both experienced developers and users with no programming background can customize and fire up this theme with minimal effort. We’ve included an easy way to import content and replicate the demo site in seconds and to top it all off a beautiful design and code base.

Full Features List

  •     WooCommerce
  •     Megamenu
  •     One Click demo install – imports widgets, theme options and demo data
  •     Easy to use theme options
  •     bbPress
  •     BuddyPress
  •     Layout Builder – Unique drag and drop page builder
  •     Ajax Shopping Cart
  •     Content Slider
  •     Category Options
  •     Sticky Header that can be turned off
  •     Responsive
  •     Custom Widgets
  •     Custom Sidebars
  •     Translatable
  •     Premium Plugins included
  •     Clean, ultra modern and dynamic design for a professional and engaging visitor experience
  •     Unique mega menu system
  •     Login With Ajax Integrated
  •     Integrated “to top” button
  •     Option to turn off About The Author box in admin theme options
  •     Option to turn off or reposition “Next/Previous” box in admin theme options
  •     Custom Sidebars
  •     Schema Rich Snippet Microdata
  •     Fully Responsive design
  •     Simple and powerful Theme Options framework built-in
  •     Very sleek Lightboxes integrated. Lightbox 1, Lightbox 2
  •     Custom Logo Upload
  •     Custom Favicon Upload
  •     Custom footer copyright
  •     Custom CSS section
  •     In-built pagination
  •     Indented threaded comments
  •     Dynamic breaking news in secondary menu bar which pauses on mouse hover
  •     SEO Ready – Everything is set as it should be.
  •     Translation Ready with .mo/.po files included
  •     Designed with valid HTML5 + CCS3 code
  •     Extensively tested with all major browsers and versions
  •     Multiple shortcodes included integrated straight into the TinyMCE (no more having to remember complicated code)
  •     Option of adding a Banner, 728×90 Banner to the header
  •     Exclusive support system via email
  •     Built in social sharing
  •     Built-in Shortcodes with Shortcode Generator
  •     Contact Form Manager included (Contact Form 7)

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The C Programming Language, 2nd Edition by Brian W. Kernighan

The C Programming Language, 2nd Edition by Brian W. Kernighan

The authors present the complete guide to ANSI standard C language programming. Written by the developers of C, this new version helps readers keep up with the finalized ANSI standard for C while showing how to take advantage of C’s rich set of operators, economy of expression, improved control flow, and data structures. The 2/E has been completely rewritten with additional examples and problem sets to clarify the implementation of difficult language constructs. For years, C programmers have let K&R guide them to building well-structured and efficient programs. Now this same help is available to those working with ANSI compilers. Includes detailed coverage of the C language plus the official C language reference manual for at-a-glance help with syntax notation, declarations, ANSI changes, scope rules, and the list goes on and on.


The first edition of the book, published in 1978, was the first widely available book on the C programming language. C was created by Dennis Ritchie. Brian Kernighan wrote the first C tutorial. The authors came together to write the book in conjunction with the language’s early development at AT&T Bell Labs. The version of C described in this book is sometimes referred to as K&R C (after the book’s authors), often to distinguish this early version from the later version of C standardized as ANSI C.
In 1988, the second edition of the book was published, updated to cover the changes to the C programming language resulting from the new ANSI C standard, particularly with the inclusion of reference material on standard libraries. The second edition (and as of 2014, the most recent edition) of the book has since been translated into over 20 languages. In 2012 an eBook version of the second edition was published in ePub, Mobi, and PDF formats.
ANSI C, first standardized in 1988, has since undergone several revisions, the most recent of which is ISO/IEC 9899:2011 (also known as “C11”), adopted as an ANSI standard in October 2011. However, no new edition of The C Programming Language has yet been issued to cover the more recent standards.

About the Authors

  • Brian W. Kernighan is head of the Computing Structures Research Department, Bell Laboratories, Murray Hill, New Jersey.  He received a B.A.Sc in engineering physics from the University of Toronto in 1964, and a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Princeton University in 1969.  Since joining Bell Labs in 1969, he has worked in combinatorial optimization, document preparation systems, programming languages, and software tools.  His current research interests are in application-oriented programming languages, programming methodology, and user interfaces. Dr. Kernighan is the co-author of several books, including “The C Programming Language” and “The UNIX Programming Environment”.
  • Dennis M. Ritchie, co-creator of UNIX and father of the C programming language. Dennis M. Ritchie was born in Bronxville, NY in 1941. He studied at Harvard University.

Table of Contents

  1. A Tutorial Introduction.
  2. Types, Operators, and Expressions.
  3. Control Flow.
  4. Functions and Program Structure.
  5. Pointers and Arrays.
  6. Structures.
  7. Input and Output.
  8. The UNIX System Interface.

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Eloquent JavaScript A Modern Introduction to Programming by Marijn Haverbeke

Eloquent JavaScript A Modern Introduction to Programming by Marijn Haverbeke

Eloquent JavaScript is a book providing an introduction to the JavaScript programming language and programming in general.

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Eloquent JavaScript, 2nd Edition – A Modern Introduction to Programming by Marijn Haverbeke

JavaScript is the language of the Web, and it’s at the heart of every modern website from the lowliest personal blog to the mighty Google Apps. Though it’s simple for beginners to pick up and play with, JavaScript is not a toy—it’s a flexible and complex language, capable of much more than the showy tricks most programmers use it for.

Eloquent JavaScript goes beyond the cut-and-paste scripts of the recipe books and teaches you to write code that’s elegant and effective. You’ll start with the basics of programming, and learn to use variables, control structures, functions, and data structures. Then you’ll dive into the real JavaScript artistry: higher-order functions, closures, and object-oriented programming.

Along the way you’ll learn to:

  •     Master basic programming techniques and best practices
  •     Harness the power of functional and object-oriented programming
  •     Use regular expressions to quickly parse and manipulate strings
  •     Gracefully deal with errors and browser incompatibilities
  •     Handle browser events and alter the DOM structure

Most importantly, Eloquent JavaScript will teach you to express yourself in code with precision and beauty. After all, great programming is an art, not a science—so why settle for a killer app when you can create a masterpiece?


About the Author

Marijn Haverbeke is a programming language enthusiast and polyglot. He’s worked his way from trivial BASIC games on the Commodore, through a C++ phase, to the present where he mostly hacks on database systems and web APIs in dynamic languages. He created and maintains several popular open source projects.


Table of Contents

  1.     Introduction
  2.     Basic JavaScript: values, variables, and control flow
  3.     Functions
  4.     Data structures: Objects and Arrays
  5.     Error Handling
  6.     Functional Programming
  7.     Searching
  8.     Object-oriented Programming
  9.     Modularity
  10.     Regular Expressions
  11.     Web programming: A crash course
  12.     The Document-Object Model
  13.     Browser Events
  14.     HTTP requests

The digital version is available in the following formats:

The Paper Version is also available and You can order from Amazon here.

Eloquent JavaScript, 2nd Edition – A Modern Introduction to Programming by Marijn Haverbeke

Eloquent JavaScript, 2nd Edition - A Modern Introduction to Programming by Marijn Haverbeke

JavaScript is at the heart of almost every modern Web application, whether it’s Google Apps, Twitter, or the newest browser-based game. Though it’s simple for beginners to pick up and play with, JavaScript is not a toy—it’s a flexible, complex language that you can use to build full-scale applications.

Eloquent JavaScript, 2nd Edition dives into the language and teaches you to write beautiful, effective code. By immersing you in example code and encouraging experimentation right from the start, the author quickly provides the tools you need to build your own programs. As you follow along with examples like an artificial life simulation, a simple programming language, and a platform game, you’ll learn to:

  •     Understand the essential elements of programming: syntax, control, and data
  •     Organize and clarify your code with object-oriented and functional programming techniques
  •     Script the browser and make basic Web applications
  •     Harness node.js to build servers and utilities
  •     Use the DOM effectively to interact with browsers

This new edition is thoroughly revised and modernized, and it’s full of brand-new material, including expanded content on recursion, closures, and more. All source code is available online in an interactive sandbox and has been updated to follow current JavaScript idioms. With Eloquent JavaScript, 2nd Edition as your guide, you’ll be fluent in the language of the Web before you know it.


About the Author

Marijn Haverbeke is an independent developer and author, focusing mostly on programming languages and tools for programmers. He spends most of his time working on open-source software, such as the CodeMirror editor and the Tern type inference engine for JavaScript.

Table of Contents

1: Values, Types, and Operators
2: Program Structure
3: Functions
4: Data Structures: Objects and Arrays
5: Higher-order Functions
6: The Secret Life of Objects
7: Project: Electronic Life
8: Bugs and Error Handling
9: Regular Expressions
10: Modules
11: Project: A Programming Language
12: JavaScript and the Browser
13: The Document Object Model
14: Handling Events
15: Project: A Platform Game
16: Drawing on Canvas
17: HTTP
18: Forms and Form Fields
19: Project: A Paint Program

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Emdoor EM-i8080 – The $100 Windows 8.1 Tablet


Are you ready for a $100 Windows 8.1 tablet?

At COMPUTEX, a Chinese OEM called Emdoor has announced EM-i8080 Windows tablet.

Microsoft and Intel have been promising dirt cheap Windows tablets… and it looks like they’re on the way. The folks at Mobile Geeks spotted a $100 Windows 8 tablet with a Bay Trail processor at the Computex trade show.

Here is the Specification of EM-i8080 Windows tablet

  • Windows 8.1
  • 8-inch display
  • 1280 x 800 IPS technology
  • 1GB RAM
  • 16GB SSD
  • Intel’s 1.33GHz – 1.8GHz Bay Trail SoC(Intel Atom Z3735G)
  •  A microSD slot, Micro USB and Mini HDMI
  • Stereo speakers
  • Camera
  • 18.5Wh battery
  • Weight – 355 gms.

Meet the Emdoor EM-i8080





It’s safe to say that this $100 tablet is not going to offer owners a ton of hardware performance. However, it is an example of the types of low cost Windows 8.1 products we could see in the future, thanks to Microsoft’s offering the cheaper Windows 8.1 with Bing to OEM makers.

Source: Mobile Geeks

How to hide albums/folders in your Android phone

hide albums/folders/apps/music/file/games in your Android phone

These days’ people are so much concerned about the privacy of their pictures and other contents. They want everything to be safe and there are many ways to lock the pictures and make it inaccessible to others who just pick your device. There are some people who really peep into the private life of others, which is really disgusting. Sometimes the prey is you and your device is just an open book to them. So if you have an Android phone, then follow the below tips to hide the folders/albums.

It is a known fact that Android does not have an in built option to hide albums/folders and hence one can download apps from Google Play to follow the same. There is an application called File Hide Expert which can help you completely lock your valuable content containing folders or albums. The application helps the user to hide and unhide albums/ folders whenever needed.

Follow the below steps to install File Hide Expert.

  • From Google Play download File Hide Expert install it.
  • As soon as you open the app for the initial point, the app screen will show a message saying that the file list is empty which means that you have to add a file or folder for hiding.
  • Tap on the little folder icon shown on the extreme top right corner and add files and folders.
  • On the Next screen you can see all of your files and folders and to add a file to the list, tap on the (+) sign which is given next to the item name and now files can be added to the list.
  • Once you are done with adding your files they will show on the main screen and what you need to do is just hit the “HIDE ALL” button and all your selected files will be hidden from now on.
  • All your files are hidden and they are no more public. If you feel like viewing it again, then just open the app again and tap on the “UNHIDE ALL” button and easily access your folders

This is a simple procedure to follow and your files and contents are taken care with utmost privacy and security.

Another way to hide the albums would definitely be with the help of a file called “.nomedia” (without the quotes) file.The presence of this file instructs your android phone to hide the pictures from showing it in gallery.Let’s see how to install the .nomediafile.

  • From Google Play download the ES file Explorer File manager and install in your device.
  • Locate the folder you want to hide from showing in the gallery.
  • Tap the (+) sign which you can find at the bottom left of your screen to add a new file.
  • A new pop up will show where you will have to enter the new file name.
  • Name the file as .nomedia and save it.Be sure to put [.]before nomedia because this is the gimmick used in hiding.

Your files are no hidden and safe. Repeat the trick of .nomedia to hide other folders also.

Anytime if you wish to see the album again then, just navigate to your file explorer and make sure the “HIDDEN FILES” option is enabled. Tap the blue icon which appears on the top left and then scroll down until you see the on/off switch for ”SHOW HIDDEN FILES. Turn the option “ON” and then go back to the same folders you have previously put the .nomedia files in and delete them by long pressing .nomedia file. And we are done. The folders/albums will appear back in the gallery.

These are two best ways to hide your album/ folders in your Android Phone. These applications have the option of hiding and unhiding which makes it easier to access. So Make the best use of it and keep your personal contents as safe as it could be.

Author Bio:

Tanya Schenck specializes in content writing and works for public relations term paper writing service, a writing service with a passion of helping out the students with their writing excellence and ability. In her spare time she is also contributes as writer for different blogs.