Devrama jQuery Slider

Devrama Slider – jQuery Image/HTML Slider Plugin

Devrama Slider‘ is a Responsive image slider with many features. It support both images and HTML contents.


  • Responsive: Slider automatically resizes as the parent container resizes. This means Devrama Slider can be used on different sizes of devices.
  • CSS3 Transition Ready: CSS3 Native transition effect is used when browser support it, otherwise jQuery animate function.
  • Transition Effects: There are transition effects such as ‘slide’, ‘fade’, ‘split’, ‘door’, ‘wave’
  • Progress Bar: Progress bar shows a time remaining
  • HTML content inside a slide: You can use HTML content in the slider instead images.
  • Advanced Preload/Lazyload: Images are loaded sequentially, and the slide shows as soon as its images are loaded while other images in other slides are being loaded in background process.
  • Single Javascript file: No css file required.
  • CSS Customizable(optional): Previous, Next, Navigation buttons can be customized using CSS.
  • User defined Navigation/Control available: You can make your own Navigation/Control to control Devrama Slider.
  • Pause on hover

Licensed under the MIT license

Devrama Slider - jQuery Image/HTML Slider Plugin

Demo | Download

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