How to add Official Facebook Like Box in WordPress

Facebook-Like-BoxIf you have a Facebook fanpage and you want to add it to your website then this article is for you.
You can attract your website users to Like your fanpage. You can get more likes to your fanpage by showing Facebook Like Box on your website. Users can easily access your new post on their Facebook news feed.

To add Official Facebook Like Box just follow step by step instruction with screenshots


1) Go to the facebook Like Box developer page
Go to this link

2) Customize your Like Box

> In the Facebook page URL field enter the URL of your Facebook page.

> Customize width, height and Color scheme which you want for your like box. But keep in mind that the smallest width of like box can be 292 pixels. Any smaller than that, part of your box may be cropped.

> Choose what you want to add in your Like box

3) Get your Code
Now click Get Code

Copy IFRAME Code. I think IFRAME code is suitable because you can easily place it to your wordpress site

4) Now Go to your WordPress Dashboard

> Select Appearance>Widgets

> Now Select Text Widgets

> Place Text widgets on Sidebar and Paste IFRAME Code

Save and you are done!

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