How to hide albums/folders in your Android phone

hide albums/folders/apps/music/file/games in your Android phone

These days’ people are so much concerned about the privacy of their pictures and other contents. They want everything to be safe and there are many ways to lock the pictures and make it inaccessible to others who just pick your device. There are some people who really peep into the private life of others, which is really disgusting. Sometimes the prey is you and your device is just an open book to them. So if you have an Android phone, then follow the below tips to hide the folders/albums.

It is a known fact that Android does not have an in built option to hide albums/folders and hence one can download apps from Google Play to follow the same. There is an application called File Hide Expert which can help you completely lock your valuable content containing folders or albums. The application helps the user to hide and unhide albums/ folders whenever needed.

Follow the below steps to install File Hide Expert.

  • From Google Play download File Hide Expert install it.
  • As soon as you open the app for the initial point, the app screen will show a message saying that the file list is empty which means that you have to add a file or folder for hiding.
  • Tap on the little folder icon shown on the extreme top right corner and add files and folders.
  • On the Next screen you can see all of your files and folders and to add a file to the list, tap on the (+) sign which is given next to the item name and now files can be added to the list.
  • Once you are done with adding your files they will show on the main screen and what you need to do is just hit the “HIDE ALL” button and all your selected files will be hidden from now on.
  • All your files are hidden and they are no more public. If you feel like viewing it again, then just open the app again and tap on the “UNHIDE ALL” button and easily access your folders

This is a simple procedure to follow and your files and contents are taken care with utmost privacy and security.

Another way to hide the albums would definitely be with the help of a file called “.nomedia” (without the quotes) file.The presence of this file instructs your android phone to hide the pictures from showing it in gallery.Let’s see how to install the .nomediafile.

  • From Google Play download the ES file Explorer File manager and install in your device.
  • Locate the folder you want to hide from showing in the gallery.
  • Tap the (+) sign which you can find at the bottom left of your screen to add a new file.
  • A new pop up will show where you will have to enter the new file name.
  • Name the file as .nomedia and save it.Be sure to put [.]before nomedia because this is the gimmick used in hiding.

Your files are no hidden and safe. Repeat the trick of .nomedia to hide other folders also.

Anytime if you wish to see the album again then, just navigate to your file explorer and make sure the “HIDDEN FILES” option is enabled. Tap the blue icon which appears on the top left and then scroll down until you see the on/off switch for ”SHOW HIDDEN FILES. Turn the option “ON” and then go back to the same folders you have previously put the .nomedia files in and delete them by long pressing .nomedia file. And we are done. The folders/albums will appear back in the gallery.

These are two best ways to hide your album/ folders in your Android Phone. These applications have the option of hiding and unhiding which makes it easier to access. So Make the best use of it and keep your personal contents as safe as it could be.

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