BeaverSlider – jQuery image Slider Plugin

BeaverSlider - jQuery image Slider Plugin

As far as you are here, perhaps, you’ve spent lots of time to find a jQuery image gallery you’d really like to use. At the moment there are many JavaScript / jQuery galleries you can find in the Internet but we hope this one you will like the most.

We provide you with an absolutely free jQuery-based image slider for JavaScript (free for personal and commercial use) called BeaverSlider. Even if you are not a friend of JavaScript or jQuery, you should be able to use BeaverSlider ( jQuery image Slider Plugin) .

Key features of the slider

BeaverSlider is very flexible and, in the same time, customizable image gallery. It has everything you need:

  • 3 gallery types: carousel, slider, zoomer, see documentation to learn about every type
  • 41 fully customizable effect types in combination with smoothness and delay setup provide you in total with unlimited effects list
  • dynamic message box over a slider, which could be animated as well
  • player control and JavaScript methods to trigger its events
  • 2 types of bottom control panel
  • accepts custom CSS classes
  • provides you with JavaScript events handlers which have full access to methods and attributes of a slider
  • has a controller for multiple sliders: BeaverHouse
  • only pure JavaScript and jQuery – no Flash

Compatibility of the slider

BeaverSlider is a jQuery image gallery Slider which is fully compatible with all modern browsers (Internet Explorer – starting from 7th) and all image types they support.

Demo | Download



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