MixItUp – jQuery plugin for animated filtering and sorting

MixItUp -  jQuery plugin for animated filtering and sorting

A jQuery plugin providing animated filtering and sorting.

Great for managing any categorised or ordered content like portfolios, galleries and blogs, MixItUp can also function as a powerful tool for engaging application UI and data-visualisation.


  • Optimised animation engine utilising requestAnimationFrame
  • Extensible object-oriented architecture
  • Flex box compatibility (experimental)
  • CSS3 columns compatibility
  • Fine-tune your animation effects with customisable parameters
  • Reverse the direction of effects for elements being filtered out
  • Queue filter, sort and layout change operations
  • Metro/iOS-inspired “stagger” effect
  • CSS-selector based filtering
  • Multi-dimensional sorting
  • Retrieve real-time data via the state object
  • Extensions
  • Transition width/height of target elements (experimental)

Core Features

  • Filter and sort elements with CSS3-optimised animations
  • Build on top of your existing percentage-based responsive layouts and media queries
  • Control filtering and sorting via a simple clickable interface or build more complex custom UI via an extensive API
  • Customise your animations with CSS3 transforms and easing
  • Add and remove elements in real time via an Ajax-friendly API
  • Perform simultaneous filter, sort, and layout change operations

Browser & Platform Support

  • Fully functional in desktop Chrome, Safari and Firefox
  • Fully functional in iOS and Android browsers
  • Functional in IE8+ with animations disabled, fully functional IE10+

Demo | Download

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