How to add Google Plus ‘Follow’ or ‘+1’ or ‘Add to Circles’ button in wordpress

Do you have Google+ Badge for your website? If not then add it now. Google+ Badge is a wonderful way to increase your Website traffic and engaged your readers. Like Facebook Like Box you can add Google+ Badge in your WordPress. Google Plus Badge also display Followers faces Like Facebook Like Box. By showing ‘Circle me’ button or Google ‘+1’ button or ‘Follow’ button in your website you can grow your connections, boost your search engine ranking and increase your bussiness page followers.

There are three options available for Google+ Badge. One is Profile Badge other is Google+ Page Badge and another is Community Badge.

In this article I’m going to tell you how to add Google+ Page Badge (‘Follow’ button or Google ‘+1’ button) in wordpress.

Just follow the instructions:

1) Go to Google developers page
Click this link

2) Enter your Page URL.
If you wants to show ‘circle me button’ then Enter your Profile URL and Same way for Community Badge

3) Customize your Google+ Badge
You can change Layout, Width, Color etc. At the right side you will see your customized Google+ Badge.

4) Copy The code
You will notice your code in right side just below the Google+ badge box. This code is in two parts. One has to be placed as a widget where you want to show your Badge and another one has to be placed in Header Section. You can use header-footer Plugin for this. Download and Install header-footer Plugin.

#) Copy 1st part code and Select Appearance>Widgets from your WordPress dashboard

#) Select text Widget

#) Place your text widget in sidebar or where you want to show your Badge.
Then Paste the code and Save it.

#) Copy 2nd part code and Go to Settings>Header and Footer section from your WordPress dashboard, then Paste the code in the middle box which says “Code to be added on Head section of every page”

5) Save it 🙂 you are done!

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